Indreni Children´s Home

Indreni is a home to children of mixed ethnic backgrounds in Kathmandu, Nepal.

In April 2008 the home opened its gates to the first children. Ever since, the numbers taken in are constantly rising. It is the aim to create a safe and joyous home in which these children and many more can still be children. This way they have the chance to develop into confident, compassionate and educated people.

That these children will have a good education is a core issue for all of us.

You can support us by signing up for a sponsorship of a child, from Euro 30 or even more. Or a donation of as little as €5 will already make a difference.

All sponsorships and donation finances will get to the children 100%.

The cost of the organization will be covered by the profits of the market stall. A clear and transparent way of doing things is very important to us.

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