The Temple

Next Temple II: Pentecost Holidays 2020 in Stuttgart (see more under ‘Program’)

“The Temple” was the final gift that Shantam Dheeraj has transmitted to his friends.

It is more an invitation than a process.

The focus in all the processes of the Intensive and New Mind is towards liberation of tension inside the nervous system and to balance our female and male aspects. We are starting to live a more conscious life and enjoying self responsibility. We are gaining the understanding that the origin of our problems can be found and solved only “Inside ourselves”. And eventually we will reach a level of balanced perception which in mystery schools is called the experience of “The third Eye”.

The Temple Retreat is leading us to another level and is giving us the courage to do the final jump. Ready?

“The frog jumps into the well. Plopp!”   (Zenmaster Basho) 

Welcome home!