New Mind

It is a process of transformation for body and mind which operates in six phases (or the six Waves of the New Mind – each Wave containing four organs or aspects) and allows us to go in meditation – breaking up human development into seven steps or levels – very orderly and basic – helping us to understand ourselves better.

First step: Survival
Starting with the moment of conception, pregnancy, birth and the first years. A time when we have not been able to live out of our own strength – we are dependend that somebody is there and takes care of us: giving us a minimum of security and understanding, bringing food, changing dipers, washing, carrying, caring. Without that we would not be able to live or better: to survive. That’s why we call it “Level of survival”. In this time we are acting through our instincts.

Second step: Conformity
Childhood from kindergarden and primary school age
We are learning the rules of our family, society and humanity. Our guides are our parents and teachers, also priests.

Third step: Self importance
Time of puberty – arising of our sexual energy – creation of our image or cristallisation of our EGO*.

Fourth step: Integration into society
Fulfillment of our parents dream – we become active members inside our society and contribute through working and paying taxes, marrying and getting children….” my husband (wife), my house, my children“……

Fifth step: Self Denial
We are going through strong disillusionment of ” my husband (wife), my house, my children” after we might have discovered that our husbands/wives are kissing somebody else, we don’t like our job anymore… and the question: “What else now?” occurs. There is a tendency to run away, to look for another, better partner, job, society, trying it with the help of chemical substances like coffee, tobacco, drugs etc…. We try to change circumstances in the OUTSIDE.

Sixth step: Self Destruction
The EGO* structure or our Self Image (which was cristallized during the third step) is falling apart, nothing is working out in the usual way, we become disillusioned, depressed and destructive. Our thoughts and feelings are getting darker and darker , we are considering suicide or creating accidents, strong diseases. The more we try the less it works. That’s the way how the EGO* destroys itself. This phase is known as the “darkest night of the soul”. We’re standing with “arms up against the wall”. We have to decide if we want to destroy our body and mind until physical death or we allow a letting go of “all that we know”.

Seventh step: Transformation
The victory of the light inside of us. “The Phenix rising out of the ashes”. We are willing to relax deeply and of letting go of tensions. The two hemispheres of our brain are balancing and the mind is getting deprogrammed. Knowledge and believes can be dropped and we are developping wisdom. Wisdom is a result of integration and completion of our own experience. A „New Mind“ is born.

*EGO– it is seen as an artificial structure which human beings develop as a primary and important device to develop intelligence and guarantee survival. It works inside polarisation on the base of recorded shocks (or electrical charges) with an attached identification to it.

*Shantam Dheeraj, the founder of this method had a deep understanding of these steps of our human development as he passed through strong alcoholism, diseases and final break-down. Out of his own free decision and with the help of several chinese and tibetan masters he was empowered to draw this map and under the guidance of his master OSHO he initiated many friends from all over the world into this work. He could devellop this precious process of “NEW MIND” The oral and extended transmission through each step of this process was given life during the performance of the New Mind Process. It is published in several languages under the title “Where does the world come from?” and is available in Naropa Stuttgart.