New Mind Unified

Dheeraj* told once: ‚When I was about three or four years old I realized that people were mean as hell to each other. That everybody around me suffered tremendously for no apparent reason. I looked for a long time to stop this pointless suffering. Now I have found something that will do the trick . Something that will change your mind.’

With this speech he has introduced the New Mind Process and for many years he was developing this revolutionary work together with his friends and sharing his understanding in groups and talks. (These talks are published in his book:“ Where does the World come from?“)

The way how Dheeraj* transmitted this process was (naturally) more male oriented .After having performed and transmitted the Violett Wave he had realised that for some of his friends it was difficult to complete the transformation and he started to add a new way to provoke the change: he presented the ‚Light Yellow New Mind’ – which was a more female approach.

After many years of transmitting New Mind Groups in Dheeraj’s* „original style“, Rabiyabeing a close friend of him, received the insight to bring ‚New Mind’ and ‚Light New Mind’ together in one process. Out of the understanding that male and female never can be separated from each other and belong always to each other she developed together with Abhika and other friends the ‘New Mind Unified’. This approach is giving support to balance our left and right brainhemisphere more sufficiently– bringing our male and female parts in a Unison.  For many friends this Union made it more easy to experience bliss and centeredness. Hindus are calling this union ‘Shiva/Shakti’, in Tao it is called ‘Yin /Yang’

*Shantam Dheerajthe founder of this method had a deep understanding of these steps of our human development as he passed through strong alcoholism, diseases and final break-down. Out of his own free decision and with the help of several chinese and tibetan masters he was empowered to draw this map and under the guidance of his master OSHO he initiated many friends from all over the world into this work. He could devellop this precious process of “NEW MIND” The oral and extended transmission through each step of this process was given life during the performance of the New Mind Process. It is published in several languages under the title “Where does the world come from?” and is available in Naropa Stuttgart.