Tibetan Pulsing Yoga

It is a meditative bodywork that helps us to turn our focus inside and realize our source of sorrow and stress. With the help of our pulse beat, shocks and blocks in our nervous system can be undone and the vital life force can flow freely again. The result will be a natural balance, from which we will draw and express our strength and joy for day-to-day living Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is based on ancient techniques from the monasteries in Tibet and China. It was customized for our modern days by Shantam Dheeraj. Rudolf Murley, who later was called Shantam Dheeraj by his master Osho, worked and experimented in the 1970s in Texas on a system of 24 different frequencies and also 96 different stages of human consciousness. He succeeded in making the results of his work understood in a ‘high-tech’ language. Over many years he developed a concept that was holistic and well received. Many masters of tibetan and taoist tradition that were living in exile in America acknowledged the Tibetan and Chinese source of his findings and endorsed him as their former friend and teacher from past lives. They all supported and encouraged Dheeraj to make this method accessible and usable for modern humankind. So he developed a holistic science of the human body which can discover and transform the cause of our problems. He dedicated his later years entirely to the development of this Yoga – specifically to the ‘New Mind’ and ‘Temple’ processes – and initiated thousands of students and friends. In 1998 he left his body in Rome, Italy.