New Mind – The Kidneys

Transformation of limiting patterns with Tibetan Pulsing .
Welcome to an intense weekend with Tibetan Pulsing.
23-25 February 2023
Start: Thursday 18:00 ; End: Saturday approx. 20:00
Place: Naropa Stuttgart e.V., Wagnerstraße 38 A, 70162 Stuttgart, Germany.
Costs: 250 €, repeaters: 125 €

Let yourself be supported in strengthening your immune system with the help of the pulse beat, in freeing yourself from blockages with the help of the pulse beat.
Free yourself from blockages and clear and relax your own nervous system step by step with each session.

To work on the kidneys in TPY means to connect to the balance in our being,
and to feel the flow of life again.
A step towards yourself is a step towards our feminine power!
This power is urgently needed in today’s world.

I invite you to follow the pulse together with us.

Looking forward to meet!

Gabriela and team

 Info and contact: 0173-6650966 or:

Temple – Part 1

02. – 14. 04 2023: Stuttgart with Abhika and Rabia

“The frog jumps into the well. Plopp!” (Zen Master Basho)

The Temple: less a process – rather a direct invitation to jump.

Prerequisite for participation: all New Mind waves and a talk with Rabia.
Contact: or 
By Phone +49-178-4981002

Individual Sessions and Eyereadings

A wonderful first step to get in contact with Tibetan Pulsing

Please contact us for an appointment Tel 0711 – 4808825 or or