Abhika M. Pagano, first president and founder member, TPY since 1992 with Shantam Dheeraj in India , teacher individual and in group processes, caretaker of “Himalaya Fairtrade” and “Indreni Children Home” in Kathmandu

Sigrid Schönwitz, nursery teacher, Vice Chairwoman and secretary of Naropa Stuttgart, assisting evening and weekendcourses

Gabriela Groß, board member of Naropa and groupleading, Dipl. Soz. Päd., trained in Psychodrama, working with TPY since 2000. Qualified in individual sessions, evening workshops, and Intensive I and II. Longterm member in Naropa and since 30 years working with people. „TPY is my company, support and enrichment and has the potential to provoke deep changes in my life“

Claudia Böttinger, TPY since 2002, trained in New Mind, Intensive Training I – III and women work.

Rabiya E. Schirrmann, TPY since 1989 with Shantam Dheeraj and practising under his guidance till 1998. Since then she is founder member of Naropa Stuttgart and has been available as a consultant and teacher. Right now responsible for the annual Temple Retreat.