Spinal Pulsing

If life energy is pulsing through our spine without hindrance, then our perception, feelings and actions are simple and clear.

Our vertebrae contain the subconscious parts of our psyche, even those that we brought with us into this life (karma). With Spinal Pulsing we are using the healing effect of the pulse  beat, and bring it into each and every vertebra, solve shocks that maybe were experienced at birth, or in accidents, or in past lives, and we cause all the vertebrae to resonate harmonically with one another again.

With the help of colours, sounds and a reflex point massage, we reach the information that is locked into the DNA structure of our cells.

Spinal Pulsing works like a light-stimulus in the nervous system and creates like this consciousness. Thus we loosen the tight karmic net of many generations, and deep relaxation guides us inside. A dimension full of magic and new possibilities awaits us.