Training: Intensiv I - III


December 2018 – January 2019 – 10 days in Naropa Moscow

The training of TPY according to Shantam Dheeraj incorporates two parts that depict the initiation and understanding of the 24 organ circuits and their frequencies.

Part 1 describes the male aspects – also known as “the right eye”                             

Part 2 explains the female aspects – “the left eye”                                          

Part 3, the merging of male and female aspects “in unison”, was added later by Rabiya and her friends.

The training includes in part 1 and 2

  • The tuning, a deep opening up of the subconscious through light and sound frequencies, as was practised in Tibetan Buddhism and Taoist Traditions.
  • The streaming, a connection of all individuals to one big energy flow. Our nervous system gets flooded with positive energy.
  • The bodywork, calm deep relaxation of the body. Basic introduction to the 24 organ circuits and practical use of the pulse on the reflex energy points.
  • The eye reading, we learn the interconnectedness of all the information there and are instructed in compassionate and carefully specified ways of dealing with issues of each individual.
  •  The drama, an opportunity to express the deepest-hidden parts of the personality as a sketch.

Part 3 includes

  • The understanding of the 24 organs, which we string together in octaves.
  • The organ tuning, a deep opening up of the subconscious through light and sound frequencies
  • The bodywork, a deep connection of our bodies
  • The spinal pulsing, the tuning of the virtebrae
  • The initiation into reflex work of the spine
  • The eye tuning, the male and female side merged – this creates light

All courses are taught by experienced trainers and supplemented by powerful meditation techniques.